Patient Survey 2012

In January 2012 the Surgery conducted a survey of almost 200 patients. The aim of the survey was to gain Patients’s opinions on our services and help us make improvements if possible.

The Surgery used the General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ) to conduct the Survey

What the Survey found

To summarise the findings, the questionnaires found that:

  • Patients were satisfied with the reception team, opening hours and their consultations with the GPs – as these scores were above the GPAQ benchmark.
  • Patients were not satisfied with availability of appointments, availability of particular GPs, waiting times and phoning the practice, in particular access to a GP by phone. In these area the scores were below the GPAQ benchmark
(GPAQ Benchmarks are the average (mean) scores calculated from the surgeries who have previously taken part in the GPAQ questionnaire)

Full Survey Report – 2012

What action we plan to take
The survey showed that many patients were dissatisfied with availability of appointments and accessing the surgery by phone.We feel that this is an area that the surgery can improve upon. To enable us to provide a better service to our Patients we propose to make GP appointments available via the Internet from 1st April 2012 for a trial period. if you would like to register to use online appointments please contact us.

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