Patient Survey 2014

In February 2014 the Surgery conducted a Patient Survey. The aim of the survey was to gain Patients’ opinions on our services and help us make improvements if possible.

The Surgery used the General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ) to conduct the Survey


What the Survey found

To summarise the findings, the questionnaires found that:

The results of the questionnaire are generally very positive.

Patients are very satisfied with care and service that they received by the healthcare and reception team.

Most patients thought that it was fairly easy to get through to theSurgery to book appointments and usually did so using the telephone, 20% of respondents would like to booked appointments online, but only 7% had.

Being able to see a GP the same day is important when necessary as well as being able to book appointments in advance. Most patients felt that they were able to do so. Patients find it difficult to access the GP of their choice but if they are prepared to see any GP an appointment can usually be obtained with a day or two.

Patients are generally satisfied with opening times, but some would like to see appointments in the early morning, evening and at weekends.

Annual Survey Results report 2014

What action we plan to take

  • Last year we planned to increase the use of online appointments and prescriptions by patients. Unfortunately this was not as successful as hoped due to technical difficulties.
  • On the 11th April our clinical computer system is being upgraded from EMIS LV, a system we have been using for the past 15 years to EMIS Web. It is hoped that this new system will solve all the problems that users have experienced in the past year and allow us to implement the plans of greatly increasing the number of online users.
  • Group members have previously commented on the length of the queue at the Reception desk. To help improve this we are installing an Automated Arrivals System to allow patients to mark their own arrival for appointments. This will hopefully cut waiting times at Reception and prevent long queues.
  • A group member also informed us that a hearing loop should be installed to assist patients who are deaf. A hearing loop has been obtained and will be installed at Reception
  • A comment from a patient who completed the questionnaire was that the waiting room was looking untidy. In the coming months all of the chairs in the waiting room are to be reupholstered with a new hygienic wipe clean cover. We also plan to improve the display of information as currently the waiting room walls are a little too cluttered with posters.

The full Patient Participatient Group 2014 report is available here

If you would like to register to use online appointments please contact us for registration details.


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