Patient Contract

Patient Contract
All patients registered at Fell Tower Medical Centre must adhere to and can expect the following:

Attendance: Patients must attend their appointment on time. Patients who are late for appointments may be asked to make another appointment. Patients who persistently do not attend for an appointment or who do not cancel their appointment early enough for it to be used may be removed from the surgery list.

Behaviour: Physical or verbal abuse to any member of staff on the premises will not be tolerated. Any patient demonstrating this behaviour may be removed from the Practice list.

All members of staff and other approved health professionals attached to the Practice who have access to you medical records will observe the rules of confidentiality. It is occasionally necessary to share your information to other NHS organisations but the people receiving your information are also legally bound to observe these rules. We will not share information from your medical records to Non-NHS organisations or other third parties without your written permission.

When attending surgery if you would like to discuss a confidential matter please inform the receptionist who will make arrangement for you to discuss your matter in private.

If you wish to view your medical records at any time a request must be put in writing to the Practice Manger. An appointment will then be made for you to view your file.

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